5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month
March 30, 21
By Alisha Whitley

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

March 30, 21

The start of April marks one of our favorite holidays here at Our Gorongosa — Earth Month! While we believe in celebrating the planet every day, Earth Month is an opportunity to raise even more awareness of the benefits of going green. Read on for five ways you can do a little more to protect and preserve our planet.

1. Plant Something

Take this time to introduce a little green into your life! Whether you're tending to your own herb garden or watering your favorite fern, caring for a plant is a truly grounding experience. Research shows gardening can reduce stress, increase creativity and productivity, and create a healthier ecosystem. Don't have a yard? Taking care of a houseplant (yes, even a succulent!) can have the same positive effects on your mood and the environment.

2. Use Reusable Drinkware (hint: MiiR Mugs!)

One of our easiest tips is to swap out single-use coffee cups for a reusable mug. This simple switch helps reduce plastic waste that does serious harm to the environment. Think about it: If you drink three cups of takeaway coffee a week, you can reduce your plastic waste by more than 150 single-use cups a year! 

MiiR mugs

Plus, we've got you covered — check out our reusable MiiR mugs here. For the month of April, you'll receive a free bag of your favorite coffee with any mug purchase!

3. Volunteer!

There are so many great organizations doing incredible things to fight climate change and protect our planet. From beach cleanups to tree planting, spend a few hours this month lending a helping hand. Not sure where to start? Check out EarthDay.org to find organizations in your area that are hosting in-person and virtual events. Round up your pals and volunteer your time to give some much-needed support!

4. Write to a Policymaker

Write to your local representative or senator and urge them to take the lead in climate action. Don't be afraid to make it personal! Introduce yourself and tell them why climate change is a big concern for you and your community. Whether you reach out to a city, county, or state leader, it's always important to speak up and advocate for our planet.

5. Encourage Others

Small changes make a big impact. As our last tip for you today, we'd love for you to text a friend (or two!) and share some of what you've learned! Together, we can pave the way for a greener future.




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