B Corp Month: Our Team's Top 5 B Corps
March 17, 22
By Alisha Whitley

B Corp Month: Our Team's Top 5 B Corps

March 17, 22

This March, we’re excited to celebrate B Corp Month! As a newly certified B Corp, we’ve joined the ranks of more than 3,800 companies around the world that are using business as a force for good. This month, we’re recognizing and sharing a few of our favorites. Read on to discover the B Corps that inspire our team!


"I love that DoneGood's mission is to connect consumers to brands that are 'good for people'. We're all trying to be more mindful about where and how we spend our dollars, and what we choose to bring into our home. Done Good makes it easy to do so–saving me the step of having to do all the research first. I can feel good about where I spend my dollars!" — Patty Connor, CEO


"I love all things skin care, and when it comes to clean beauty it doesn't get much better than Beautycounter. The company launched in 2013 with 'The Never List' — a list of 1,800 chemicals that are never used in its products. The best part? They don't skimp on quality, making the switch to sustainable even easier." — Alisha Whitley, Director of Brand Marketing


"4ocean has removed more than 14 million pounds of trash from our waterways and it helps to educate local and global communities on ways to reduce plastic. The brand funds clean-up efforts by selling items like bracelets, masks made of 50 percent 4ocean plastic, and water bottles. For each product sold, 4ocean removes one pound of trash from waterways." — Gunnar Wolfe, Managing Director of Sales

Thrive Market

"Thrive makes better for you groceries and household supplies accessible and affordable for all people, but especially focused on getting these items to lower income populations who would otherwise not be able to get or afford these types of groceries and supplies." — Christy Wilson, Sales Manager


"FreshPrep is local to Vancouver (like me), and creates incredible meal kits. The food is delicious, and as a busy working mom, it can be a lifesaver. A lot of their meal kits now come in zero waste packaging which is super cool to see!" — Emily Kiloh, Director of Brand Communications

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