Coffee To Go: 5 Places to Take Gogogo Pour Over
September 22, 21
By Makayla Keely

Coffee To Go: 5 Places to Take Gogogo Pour Over

September 22, 21

Coffee is truly a lifesaver. Research has even shown the beneficial ingredients in coffee can make you live longer! While your favorite blend won’t make you immortal, it can support you day-to-day. Whether you’re caffeinating to cheer on your favorite football team, sipping in the office, or recharging for your next adventure, here are 5 places to take your coffee with you, using Gogogo Pour Over.

coffee mug in a car

1. On the Road

Did you know road trips can strengthen your relationships? While your friend may have asked “are we there yet?” a few too many times, being around them actually reduces your stress! Spending time with loved ones improves psychological well-being and encourages healthy habits. Plus, there’s nothing better than creating a great memory on the road to share later on.

The portability of Gogogo Pour Over makes sharing easy! Each pouch is designed for individual use, so everyone can have a fresh cup at the ready – whether they’re a light, medium, or dark roast drinker.  

Drinking coffee on a mountain

2. Camping

Spending time outdoors has been proven to make you happier. Nature supports your mood, and benefits your heart health, just like coffee!

Simple brewing with Gogogo Pour Over means you can recharge your mental and physical battery simultaneously in just a few easy steps. No extra equipment is needed so you can maximize your time outdoors. Simply anchor the coffee pouch to your favorite travel tumbler, pour brew temperature water, and enjoy a balanced, flavorful cup.  

coffee assortment pour over

3. At the Office

Laughing with coworkers boosts your immune system. Working in close quarters may make you more susceptible to a cold, but spending time together can also improve your immunity! Taking a break to laugh with coworkers supports immune health, promotes bonding, and lowers stress hormones.

To maximize your coffee break, brewing should be quick and simple. Gogogo Pour Over allows you to get your afternoon coffee fix without distracting you from quality time with your work bestie. Take to Instagram (shameless plug to follow us here!) to catch up on the latest memes while you brew the perfect pour over. Warning: As word spreads, your Gogogo pour overs might start “disappearing” from your workplace coffee stash.

foam finger

4. At an Event

When you become instant friends with the fan next to you at the football game the feeling is mutual! Events encourage community, and a study completed in 2018 found that large crowds can even reinforce your sense of self by allowing you to interact with like-minded strangers. 

Social distancing may prevent meeting at a stadium, but Our Gorongosa fans can still connect with a community! 100% of the profits from all Our Gorongosa products, including the new Gogogogo Pour Over, directly support Gorongosa farmers, their communities, and the ecosystem they call home. Plus, Gogogo allows you to take your impact coffee anywhere, so you can stay connected to the coffee community at every virtual or socially-distanced event. 

coffee travel
5. Travel

Travel truly is good for the soul. It exposes you to cultures and experiences that can inspire new ideas and ways of being. Gogogo Pour Over was inspired by Mount Gorongosa’s peak, which is a symbol of hope and positivity for local communities.

Whether you’re visiting far off places or exploring your own backyard, Gogogo Pour Over is designed to go with you. Pop the pouches into your pack before departing on your next adventure so a delicious cup of coffee is always close by.

Have you tried Gogogo Pour Over? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Head to the product page to leave a review! 

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