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Girls Who Run the World Recap: Lyn Wineman

Can marketing and advertising be used as a force for good? Lyn WinemanPresident & Chief Strategist of B-Corp Certified advertising agency, KidGlove says: absolutely.

This week on the Girls Who Run the World podcast (available on Apple and Spotify), Lyn shares what drew her to the advertising industry and why she believes one of the most important powers marketers have is the ability to raise awareness. 

Lyn Wineman Girls Run the World Podcast

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In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What drew Lyn to the advertising industry [09:40] 

  • How marketing and advertising can be used as a force for good [14:15]

  • Why creating a company culture centred around people and sustainability is so important [23:45]

About Lyn Wineman

Lyn is the President & Chief Strategist of B-Corp Certified, full-service, boutique advertising agency, KidGlove. There, she is surrounded by a talented team with the mission of helping organizations that are changing the world. Lyn is a member of her local AMA Hall of Fame and has been named Marketer of the Year. She has also been recognized with AAF Lincoln’s Silver Medal, Inspire Women’s Leadership Awards for Excellence in Entrepreneurship, and is a member of the AMA National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion CoHort.

The Podcast

Supporting Girls’ education is one of our biggest priorities at Our Gorongosa. We believe in creating a world with more equitable opportunities for young women everywhere — because we know girls have the power to change the world! 

Listen to the full podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!


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