Impact Roundup: May 2022
May 25, 22
By Makayla Keely

Impact Roundup: May 2022

May 25, 22

We believe small choices can lead to major impact. That’s why we're committed to doing things differently when it comes to crafting the perfect cup. 100% of the profits from every bag of coffee you purchase goes to initiatives that benefit Gorongosa’s communities, ecosystem, and the local economy. Here’s a look at the impact you supported in May. 


This year’s coffee harvest is expected to yield up to four times more than in 2021. Through coffee education programs — like this one offered in March— farmers can implement sustainable practices that increase crop production and support positive environmental impact!

man in field of coffee


A key focus of the Gorongosa Project is to support an equitable future through educational programs & opportunities. Over 210 children have joined the Park’s first preschool program called the Little Club. The Club introduces children to the basics of Language, Math, Art, and more!

Mozambican pre-school children


May 1 marked International Workers Day. A short video was created to honor over 1,600 employees contributing to creating a world where people, wildlife, and the planet can thrive together. You can watch the video here.

Ready to make an impact? Shop our blends and single origin coffee here.

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