Pour | Bloom | Play: Introducing Gogogo Pour Over
September 10, 21
By Makayla Keely

Pour | Bloom | Play: Introducing Gogogo Pour Over

September 10, 21

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed - no matter where life takes you! Whether you’re taking a break between board meetings, enjoying a coffee at home, or admiring the view from the highest peak, here’s how you can brew your cup with our new Gogogo Pour Over. 

What’s The Pour Over Method?

While the pour over method has regained popularity over the last decade, the process has been around for over 100 years. It began in Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz’ kitchen where she developed a prototype fashioned from blotting paper and a can she had punctured with a nail! Today, specialty coffee drinkers love the pour over method for the control it allows over the brewing process. The coffee is precisely ground, measured, and poured into a filter in the brewing device. As water slowly comes into contact with the grounds, they begin to lift and create a blooming effect that enhances the coffee’s flavor and prevents sour notes that can get trapped in the grounds. The result is a cleaner, more flavorful cup of coffee.

The Gogogo Pour Over 

Gogogo provides the same clean and flavorful cup of coffee without the need for special equipment – all you need is brew temperature water (around 195-205 degrees F) and a mug. Whether you’re on an epic adventure or just passionate about coffee, Gogogo makes it easy to have a delicious cup at the ready.

Gogogo Pour Over

How to Brew a Gogogo Pour Over

Now that you’re an expert on the pour over method let’s make a cup! 

1. Tear Pouch
Remove the pouch from packaging and tear it along the perforation where it says “open. 

opening pour over pouch
2. Anchor to Mug
Place the filter on top of your mug, with the anchors hugging the sides.
anchoring pour over pouch to mug

3. Pour Hot Water
Double check that the pouch is securely anchored and slowly pour hot water (between 195 F and 205 F) into it. Let the coffee drip through, and continue the process until you have a full cup of 8-12 oz.

pouring hot water into pour over pouch

4. Enjoy!
Pull the bottom anchors upward and remove the pouch. Now, you can enjoy the final result with friends, on a hike, or wherever your day may take you.

drinking coffee with friends

What Blends are Available?   

Gogogo Pour Over includes 10 single-serve pour over pouches in our light, medium, and dark roast blends. Like all our coffee offerings, each blend features Gorongosa Green, grown by local farmers in the heart of Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.

The best part? 100% of the profits from every purchase directly support our farmers, their communities, and the ecosystem they call home!

Ready for your next adventure? Buy Gogogo Pour Over here!

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