To Our Community
September 08, 22
By Alisha Whitley

To Our Community

September 08, 22

Dear OG community,

We’ve made the difficult decision to suspend North American operations to better focus our efforts in Africa. We’re incredibly grateful for your support of Our Gorongosa — thank you for believing in our coffee and, most importantly, our mission!

The farmers you’ve come to know will continue to grow coffee on Mount Gorongosa (if you’re ever in Gorongosa National Park, we encourage you to pay them a visit!). And, their coffee will continue to be sold closer to their communities, in Mozambique, South Africa, and other international markets.

Today, more than 800 farmers earn a living growing coffee in Gorongosa National Park. The Gorongosa Project will continue to work with them on initiatives that support their communities, environment, and economy. This year alone, it will add another 150 acres to the coffee plantation on Mount Gorongosa, creating even greater access to sustainable livelihoods. Visit to follow its progress.

You can continue to order coffee from our website until Oct 31, 2022. Keep an eye out for special pricing as a thank you for your support! We’ve loved getting to know you — if you have any questions for our team, please reach out to

From all of us at OG,


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