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Our Coffee

Where does your coffee come from?
Each of our coffee blends includes Gorongosa Green, grown by local farmers in the heart of Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Specialty roasters have blended it with other ethically- and sustainably-sourced Arabica beans from around the world to craft our unique and flavorful roasts.
Is your coffee organic?
All the inputs our farmers use to grow coffee are organic, aside from a single nutrient the coffee saplings need that is currently unavailable in an organic form in Mozambique. We are seeking an organic alternative.
Is your coffee fair trade?
Even better, our coffee is regenerative trade! We and our sourcing partners work directly with farmers to ensure quality, sustainability, and better prices for our producers. We also work directly with local stakeholders (including our very own farmers) on initiatives that benefit their communities, environment, and economy.
How do you pay your farmers?
We pay our farmers a price per kilogram for their yield. That price is at a set based on the NYC index for coffee with an adjusted premium to ensure farmers earn a sustainable livelihood.
Who roasts your coffee?
We have specialty roasting partners in Boise, Idaho and Bath, UK who craft our blends and single origin coffee.
Where is your coffee processed?
We process our green coffee beans right in Gorongosa National Park. This allows for more profit to funnel into human development and conservation programs, and provides greater employment opportunities and skill development for local communities.

Our Gorongosa

What is your relationship with Gorongosa National Park?
Our Gorongosa sells specialty coffee grown in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, and blended with other sustainably-sourced Arabica beans. 100% of our profits go to the Gorongosa Trust, which funds Gorongosa National Park’s human development and conservation activities. That means the profits from every bag of coffee funnel directly back into the Park to support people, wildlife, and the planet.
Are you a non-profit?
We are a private company that directly supports a non-profit organization (the Gorongosa Project). 100% of our profits go to our lone shareholder (the Gorongosa Trust) which funds the Gorongosa Project’s human development and conservation activities in Gorongosa National Park.
Where do your profits go?
100% of the profits from every sale go to the Gorongosa Project in Mozambique. It works with local stakeholders (including our very own farmers) on sustainable initiatives that benefit their communities, environment, and economy.


Are your bags compostable?
We‘re in the process of transitioning to fully recyclable packaging and appreciate your patience as we roll this out. We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and look forward to providing you with more eco-friendly options!
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