Gogogo Sampler
Gogogo Sampler
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Single-Use Pour Over Pouches

Try each of our signature blends in 3 single-use pour over pouches. Simply anchor to a cup, pour hot water, and enjoy — no equipment necessary.

100% of profits go to the Gorongosa Project in Mozambique


Legend Has It...

Gogogo is the name of the highest peak on Mount Gorongosa and a symbol of hope for local communities. Local legends say a giant named Kangamy left behind the distinct landmarks on Mount Gorongosa. The mountain itself is a sacred site for the communities of Tambarara, Canda, and Sadjungira, and generations of storytellers have passed down tales of its greatness.

Signature Subscription

Speak for the Trees is part of our Signature Subscription. Also included are our other signature blends, Elephants Never Forget (Light Roast) and Girls Run the World (Medium Roast).

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