Lion's Blend (Espresso)
Lion's Blend (Espresso)
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Espresso Roast — Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate

Full-bodied with notes of almond butter and dark chocolate. 100% of profits go to the Gorongosa Project.

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Mozambique, Africa
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Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate
100% of profits go to the Gorongosa Project in Mozambique

Lion's Blend

Gorongosa's Lions

Lions spend more than 20 hours a day sleeping! During the day, you’ll find them snoring under the shade of a fever tree, only pausing now and then for a stretch and satisfying yawn. Though they may look harmless, lions can go from peaceful pussycats to lethal predators in an instant. They play a key role in Gorongosa’s ecosystem by keeping large populations of warthogs and bucks in check. Over the past 50 years, the number of lions in the wild has declined by 70%. Conservation efforts like those in Gorongosa are critical to their survival.

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